Möbel Irold develops hand-made, valuable and unique pieces of furniture, which meet high demands with regard to quality, design and traditional german handicrafts.
The result is high-quality furniture made of wood that tells a story from its previous life.
Upcycling means that wood from old floors, roof timbers and oak beams is reused and enhanced in a new, contemporary context.
We are convinced that the design of a piece of furniture made with a careful choice of heirloom wood with its individually grown and matured structures is refined by high-quality workmanship,

lending every room a sense of comfort.
Just like in days past, the wood we use grows more beautiful and valuable with every year.
Particularly in our fast-moving times, our era of concrete, steel, glass and plastic, wood gives a feeling of security and cosiness, forming a harmonious contrast to clear, cool surfaces.
Wood has its very own natural aesthetic. Skilled workmanship brings its character to the forefront. It makes us feel at home, it is solid and long-lasting.